“Overkill” by Colin Hay (Acoustic version)

Screw the X-class solar flares, I’ve been into Men at Work music since last Friday.  It’s been fun!!

This old song, redone solo by Colin, reminds me of NOW.


The original song, “Overkill,” by Men at Work (Colin Hay – lead) plus “Land Down Under” (great song) LIVE in 1983:


I wish I had been at that concert!!  I love the flute and when Colin does the Kangaroo!!

I like this humorous rendition of “Land Down Under” at the Grammy’s in 1983.  Colin has his Scottish clan colors on.  🙂  Merv Griffin and Elton John can be seen in the audience at the end, among others.  Is that Stevie Wonder sitting in the front at the beginning of the video??


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2 Responses to “Overkill” by Colin Hay (Acoustic version)

  1. pollyann says:

    The theme from “Miami Vice!!” I used to watched that years and years ago. I love hearing the flute, the sax, the French horn; not so much the trumpet.
    Someone else in the Grammy video audience is Henry Fonda. I recognize a few others but their names elude me.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    1st link. It reminds me of Now too!
    2nd link. The flute in part in the first part of this video reminds me of a song they play on Coast quite often. The kangaroo bit. LOL! Cool!
    3rd link. Lol! I see Merv and someone else I recognize but I can’t recall the name and Elton.
    It looks like it is Stevie Wonder to me.

    LOL!! You’re right, that was fun!

    This is the song they play on Coast
    Glenn Frey – You Belong To The City – HD

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