Freedom Fighters

Amitakh Stanford has a new post up (May 12) titled, “Mother’s Day Proclamation: The Meaning of the Boulder is About to be Revealed.”

The post is about FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!

She mentions that Celestial Freedom Fighters helped America to oust King George III from the British throne in 1776.  That is very interesting!!  We could use boat loads of Celestial Freedom Fighters right now!!

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2 Responses to Freedom Fighters

  1. pollyann says:

    I’m okay, Salty. Thanks for asking. I was not online much yesterday. Lack of interest. 🙂 I saw Amitakh’s latest the other night. She has mentioned the Bi-darr before in earlier articles on that same page (Dassta-Ma-kha) and likely even earlier material. She says they are worse than what she calls the blank faces. I’ll try to say more later on today.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly, How are you feeling today? You have been rather quiet. I hope you are okay.

    I just read Amitakh’s newest post The Fragmenting World.

    Have you heard of the Bi-darr force before, and if you have do you know where I can find out more about that?

    Here is the song In The Garden by Elvis that she talks about. All the words are under the YT video also. Amitakh changed the word song to son.

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