Copyright Alert System

See how your ISP will punish you:

I had an instance a few weeks ago during which my browser ratted me out.  I had copied and pasted the content of a PUBLIC newsletter (the owner would be happy to have it spread far and wide), to which I am subscribed, to a forum because what was in the newsletter was vital to what I was describing.  I could not forward the newsletter because I was posting at a forum.  I started to experience all sorts of trouble with my browser after I did the copy and paste.  I rarely copy content and use links instead but I found out what can happen.

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2 Responses to Copyright Alert System

  1. pollyann says:

    It was because I copied and pasted copyrighted material — a whole email’s worth. I could see what was happening. As long as I don’t do that I won’t have that problem. It was only not working correctly for a while that day. I’ve been noticing the changes being made to how my browser operates. This is all connected to the ISP and it will become more stringent.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly, Have your browser problems cleared up? I hope so ’cause it’s a b*tch when your browser isn’t working right.
    You may recall when I had browser problems and what I said about IE. It sucks!!!

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