Pope Francis

I knew right off of the bat this man would be someone to be reckoned with!!  Here is a brief talk about Pope Francis’ true astrology chart on the Jordan Maxwell Show with guest astrologer, who uses Nostradamus’ method.  The video should start playing at 11 mins./33 secs.  That particular segment is not long.  How fascinating!!


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3 Responses to Pope Francis

  1. pollyann says:

    I think it would quite fascinating to find who he is in other lifetimes!!

  2. sily says:

    So far I like him. Today I posted on my blog about him canonizing 800+ Saints. They had been approved by the previous Pope. 800+ Saints in one day!

    • pollyann says:

      Ah, soooo…. I was checking to see what Franz Erdl has been doing and this is one of his latest postings, which involves the Vatican…


      That is interesting in light of 800 saints being canonized in one day!! Gee, I think I might have a few thousand Vatican contracts pending…

      I’m telling ya, if the magnetic poles of this planet would reverse all of this kind of crap would be flushed away. It could not longer hold. Perhaps the highest level of what HAARP and chemtrails, etc., is about is the controllers’ attempt to keep the magnetic poles from reversing. Ya think??

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