Internet Lulls and Other Deficits

I have been noticing increasing instances of dead periods while I am online.  By this I mean periods of time when I do not receive any email alerts for breaking news or earthquakes, websites I visit are not updated as often as before, no or few updates from blogs I follow or newsletters I am subscribed to arrive; not even email ads from companies I have purchased from appear in my email box as often as previously.  This is very eerie.  It matches the deadness I feel in the air when I go outside which has been going on for quite some time.

This spring there has been a HUGE reduction in the amount and variety of migrating birds from only last year which have arrived or passed through my area by now, and this yearly event is something I am very well acquainted with because of my many years of birding “out in the field.”  When I go for my daily walk out back there is often dead silence when, at this time of year, I should be hearing many different kinds of birds singing almost constantly.

CREEPY!!  The writing on the wall…

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11 Responses to Internet Lulls and Other Deficits

  1. pollyann says:

    For Christ’s Sake, can we stay off of the global catastrophe probability timeline??

  2. pollyann says:

    Sheesh, I went to one of the links at Transients’ website earlier, it was some channeled material about the so-called new earth, and I started to feel physically sick and nauseous while trying to read some of it. There’s some nasty energy at that link!!

  3. pollyann says:

    Well, now that I have myself all upset, I’d better chill for a while. 🙂

  4. pollyann says:

    Btw, Laron, of Transients, posts some info and links that I do not find to be particularly “valid.”

  5. pollyann says:

    I know you weren’t disagreeing but I wanted to be really clear to anyone reading this conversation about the many years I have studied nature, not just neighborhood nature, but out in the wild nature, and I am sure of my conclusions. 🙂 There’s no doubt in my mind there is a nature crash going on.

    I look at this website which details Clif’s audios on his data because I’d rather read than listen. Clif’s website is linked at this website. Check the Menu on the right as well as the ongoing blog posts on May 2013 and the Global Coastal Event. There is a ton of info:

  6. Salty says:

    I’ve noticed what I’ve been thinking of as a ‘slowdown’ since the Boston bombings. I’ve only been on the internet for what will be in a just a few days 3 yrs, and I have been thinking that this ‘slowdown’ in activity probably happens every so often.

    But maybe not, I only have 3 yrs experience to go by and it does feel kind of dead now that I think about it more.
    For one thing News seems to have slowed down. I know there is still new News and other articles but there is a difference from before the bombings.

    I wasn’t disagreeing with you Polly, just hoping that they haven’t disappeared for good. I guess I didn’t say that very well. Animal deaths are a sore spot with me.
    You say “It’s not a good thing in my book. Many people could not care less about Nature”… I totally agree with you!!

    Animals and plants are dying. It hurts my to see this. DNA is changing / mutating in plants, animals, and people.
    It seems to me most of this is being done deliberately by tptb, and what there is of it that is a natural process is being sped up by tptb. Most people turn a blind eye to it, going along with it like good little herd animals.

    Re Clif High. YIKES! I didn’t realise something was supposed to happen this month!!
    I’m going to try to spend some time looking around his site.
    You posted about him before and I meant to look into that more deeply but I forgot. Do you have a link to exactly where he says that?

  7. pollyann says:

    Years ago, Clif High predicted data holes in his webbot info would start happening not long before the Global Coastal Event and the holes have been showing up recently.

    I can’t decide if what he has said is coming, backed up by others’ info, is really going to start happening this month. I mean, who hell wants to experience all of THAT?? Is it really that close?? Precursor events have been occurring since 2003 according to his data and here we are in May of 2013 — the big date. BLEH!! 😦

  8. pollyann says:

    There was a ton of chipmunks around here because of the oaks and I think I might have seen/heard one so far this year which survived the winter hibernation. It’s not a good thing in my book. Many people could not care less about Nature but it’s always been what got me through.

  9. pollyann says:

    The email lockdown I noticed on the day Boston was forced into lockdown was different because I received a flood of held-back emails after the lockdown was lifted. What I am now experiencing is a noticeable drop-off of activity.

    I know the timing of birds and when they arrive or pass through my area so I am confident in what I wrote. 🙂 I used to be deep into the bird world and their habits. A storm system to the south might hold them up for a few days but not a high system, even if the air is cool. Cool weather in May is not unusual here. We’ve had many cool months of May and the birds were on time. There is definitely a huge and shocking disappearance of birds in my area. Even the squirrel population crashed last Autumn because of the vast number of oak trees being hit with that crazy storm in Oct. of 2011. There were hardly any acorns. Yes, I think there is a major, world-wide, ongoing exit of wild-life. I’m having trouble accepting this and I often feel like weeping.

    Mourning Doves are one of our common, year-round birds here but even they are scarce right now. Christ!! I used to have hundreds visit my yard when I was into my major bird feeding operation. I don’t feed the birds like I used to (I had thousands of many species come to my feeders daily in winter) which will concentrate many birds in a small area but I am not seeing and hearing the bird varieties and numbers that should be here even w/o feeders. This is real.

  10. Salty says:

    Around the time of the Boston Bombings I remember you mentioned about not getting emails etc.
    Was it the day the young bro was caught??

    It has been quite cool for a looong while there in your area I think. ? So perhaps they will come to your area yet.
    In my daily travels around the internet I see so many articles about mass bird deaths and other animals that it makes me wonder if they are all dying off!

    I was going to put this on my blog but I’ll put it here. I still might do a post about it at some point.

    Starting in 2011 we noticed a bird we had not seen here before. We only seen it probably less than 5 or 6 times that year, then last year 2012 we started to see it daily.
    I think it’s a Morning Dove and after doing a quick search I found out this bird is common in B.C.

    We have lived in this apartment for 13 years and we never seen this bird around here before.

    Also near the end of last summer we occasionally heard a bird sound that we have never heard around here before, and this year it’s a common daily sound. So far we haven’t been able to see the bird that makes this sound but it’s definitely not the Morning Dove.
    I find the sound this bird makes to be Very Annoying!! It hurts my ears!! I wish it would go back to where it came from!!!

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