Time Has Been Slipping and Sliding

People all over have been noticing this phenomena.  My latest experience with this is my PC clock inexplicably jumped ahead one hour a few days ago and it had nothing to do with daylight savings time.  I’m reading someone’s book right now and in one section of the book she describes all of her experiences with time collapses and shortages, and 12 hours of time disappearing every mid-week. (“The Lipstick Mystic’s Guide to Time Traveling,” by Jennifer Shepherd.)  Also, in Jessica’s WordPress blog (“Chronicles of a Psychic Medium”) she mentioned a time shift for the Midwest in 2013.  I know someone in the Midwest whose grandfather clock recently started chiming way out of sync with time.  I’ve also noticed, as have others, it seems to take me longer to do things at times.  Linda Moulton-Howe (“Earthfiles”) noted on Coast to Coast AM last week that we live in an entropic universe and things wind down.  I absolutely agree!!  Amitakh Stanford wrote about for years how things in physical reality eventually fall apart and become very chaotic (duh!!, we are seeing that now) and there are those who have used a time machine to restart time and keep their control over the world, but they were thwarted this time.

This time dissolution phenomena may be due to the magnetic pole shift I am hoping for.

Have you noticed time discrepancies??

“Time” by Pink Floyd (a very psychedelic, possibly triggering for some people, song of old with over 30 million hits on this particular YouTube video):


“Fly Like an Eagle” by The Steve Miller Band (“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping… into the future…”):


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2 Responses to Time Has Been Slipping and Sliding

  1. pollyann says:

    I manually changed my PC clock back to what it should have read after I realized it was an hour ahead. Concerning your PC, I know for a fact that PC’s respond to the people using them. I have seen people effect their PC’s in amazing ways for good or ill time and time again over many years. It has been proven that our minds/energy effect everything we focus on. See how capable we are?? I once joined forces with a person in Wales to remotely fix a computer network he had been hired to fix and even though he was an expert at this job he could not fix it until I suggested we link up and “heal” it.
    I figured you would have a lot of time variation instances to share. 🙂 The energies are often very fluid around you.

  2. Salty says:

    I definitely agree that something screwball goes on with time.

    Re things taking longer to do. I went through that a short while ago and it lasted several days. For example instead of 5 minutes it seemed to take all morning just to get the dishes done! I even said to hubby “Why is everything taking so long?!!”
    Also sometimes it seems to me that time speeds up and it seems like I just got up a couple of hours ago so how can it be suppertime already!
    My PC is still responding to my thoughts every now and then and a few days ago it came out of sleep mode by itself again when I just thought of going online without me touching it.

    Also, regarding the News, it seems to me that a lot of things are repeating. For example I hear something on the News then a few days later it’s on the News as though it just happened or is new News, but I’m sure it happened days before. I do a search for it but there is nothing there except for the current days News about it. I don’t know what’s up with that.

    You know about this already but there was me seeing the Earthquake on the ticker at the bottom of the screen before it happened.

    Your PC time jumping ahead is weird! Did it go back to normal?

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