Glenn Beck – “They Have Until Monday”

There is something I have been working on for the last four or five days.  This is my stance: the worldwide Mainstream Media has it within their power and ability to collectively begin exposing the truth of what’s really going on in this world.  I just found this video clip of Glenn Beck (The Blaze) at Alex Jones’ Infowars website:

I used to listen to Glenn on AM radio back in 2002, long before he went mainstream and became a TV presence.  He used to give incredibly deep, moving and thoughtful narratives on the state of the world.

Also, I could not help but notice that CNN has given coverage to the parents of the suspected Boston bombers and their stance that their sons were set-up by the FBI.  If that (CNN’s coverage) was politically motivated (Republicans vs. Democrats, etc.) it doesn’t count.

MSNBC has given coverage to the young men’s uncle who feels his elder nephew was radicalized by “mentors” and influenced his younger brother.

Just sayin’!!  Don’t read anything more into my words!!

More possible exposure:

Something tells me today is going to be a very crazy day in the media.

4-21-13 2 PM ~ I knew this was going to happen.  Here is an example of what I mean:

That author gives Glenn Beck until Monday.  (Lol!!)

Another example:

The whole thing is being shredded before it even happens.  I don’t listen to Glen, I know he complains about and mocks conspiracy nuts, I know there’s been a lot of harm done, but the thing is, the Mainstream Media HAS to start reporting the truth and the truth cannot be politically motivated!!

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25 Responses to Glenn Beck – “They Have Until Monday”

  1. Salty says:

    What Joseph P Farrell has to say about Glen Beck, the Saudi, new $100.00 bill, and more. He is connecting dots and says it’s “High Octane” speculation.


  2. pollyann says:

    I had a little more spam than usual.

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