The (Infamous) Fall

Instead of reblogging, I am going to include links from AngelicView’s blog in which she has posted some material written by Jim Self titled, “The Fall of Consciousness.”  I can agree with much he has written.  I’ve always felt physical reality was an error in creation which literally spiraled out of control as beings became trapped within it, and is in the process of correction.

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2 Responses to The (Infamous) Fall

  1. Salty says:

    Hi Polly, This is interesting. I recognize those names Uriel, Zadkiel, Michael and Metatron. I haven’t really read the book of Enoch, only scanned through a bit of it, but those names are in there. , I recognize much of what he says from other things I’ve read, but it’s a bit different.

    All I know about Jim Self is what I read tonight, I never heard of him before. The thing is I always thought Lightworkers were a ‘new age love and light and everything will be alright’ sort.

    But hey! I’m the same person that when the thought came to me that the next Pope would be a Jesuit I immediately rejected that ‘cause I thought the Vatican didn’t approve of Jesuits, then they go and choose one as Pope! LOL!!

    Anyway, I’m a bit suspicious of Jim Self. Maybe it’s that I need to take my time and read all this over again carefully, but right now I’m suspicious of deception in this material.
    Some of what he says rings true though.

    Here is part 3.

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