“Hypnotized” (1973) Fleetwod Mac

Photography by Vickie Burns


What happened to the excellent, superb and unique music talent of the 70’s??  Listening to this song again makes me cry and cry.  I  love this song!!

The story behind why I posted this song:

Yesterday I had to deal with a blocked drain in the bathroom sink in my apt.  I plunged and plunged and got quite a workout but only managed to partially unblock it.  While I waited for the apt. “maintenance tech.” to come I plunged some more.   He arrived after lunch with a plumbing air gun (a very useful device, btw) and after several attempts of shooting compressed air down the drain, the clog in the pipe dispersed.

Blockage cleared.

At some point this morning, I was awakened by this song, “Hypnotize,” being played on Coast to Coast, a song I’ve loved.  I had to get up and find it on YouYube so I could play the whole song.  The frequency of it touched me very deeply, as it always did, and I could not help but weep for that energy.  I played the song many times this morning and cried with it.

Blockage cleared.

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One Response to “Hypnotized” (1973) Fleetwod Mac

  1. Sily says:

    This is one of my favorite songs — triple time rhythm on the drums by Mick Fleetwood and great lyrics about flying over a mountain. It’s a very mysterious song. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnotized_(Fleetwood_Mac_song)

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