I miss you, Khris, and think of you every day.

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11 Responses to Khris

  1. pollyann says:

    Hi Khris, I’ve been thinking a lot about you today. I hope you have figured things out on the other side and have moved on.

  2. pollyann says:

    I love and miss Khris. He will not be forgotten.

  3. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I’m listening to the interview now. so I haven’t read it all yet but there is more on D & M’s site about Khris now.

  4. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    D & M aren’t on yet but I’m listening to the first part of the show :”TV Sigils, Media Mind Control, and MiLABS”.
    It’s Really interesting!! They mentioned the Sigils Ibrahim Karim uses, and a lot more.

  5. Salty says:

    Polly! My god!!! Duncan says Khris was murdered! Whatever!!! I’m taking it with a bag of salt!!!! If Duncan is making this up it will come back to him! This possibility did cross my mind at the time but as you know there was little info out there and after I.heard a reason for his death I dismissed that idea. Personally I’ll wait to see what all Duncan has to say about that.

    Murderers, Liars, and Thieves – An Exposee
    >>>>> D & M are on offplanet radio tonight so maybe they will say more about Khris tonight.
    More – D&M on Off Planet Radio TONIGHT After Hours!

  6. pollyann says:

    Randy said he didn’t suicide. I believe him. I don’t want to say too much. Khris was using a widespread “healing system” (do not name) which he did not realize is completely compromised and corrupted. I know from personal experience that this is true. I think this is a big part of why his organs failed.

  7. Salty says:

    At least that would mean he didn’t suicide. That’s a relief!!

  8. Salty says:

    Really!!! Did someone tell you or is that what you got? Psychically.

  9. pollyann says:

    Khris knew he was seriously ill. He did not tell me that. He had organ failure, it could have been his kidneys, at least.

  10. pollyann says:

    Thanks, Salty. I will always remember how I met him that day. I knew what he was going through.

  11. Salty says:

    I think of him everyday too Polly. I had been planning to write this on my blog for some time now but I will write it here.

    I had gone to D & M’s blog and I seen your reply to him there. This was before you knew him well.
    He was in a bad way and as I recall no one had responded to his comments, but you seen those comments and replied to him Polly. You said “I’m here at my P C now” and offered your help. As I recall it sounded like he was suicidal.
    As I said on my blog referring something that happened after that when he had his own blog, perhaps your willingness to listen and help him this first time kept him here a while longer.
    Feel free to correct me, and or fill in the blanks if you want Polly.

    My point in writing this is to say that you were there for him when he needed someone.
    He valued what you had to say very much.

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