These two Super Bowl commercials are wildly successful.  I especially love the Budweiser commercial and have watched it countless times!!  The short version has over 10 million views and the better, long version has over two million views on Bud’s YouTube channel.  Chrysler’s Ram commercial, “So God made a farmer,” also has over 10 million views. 

I think it is because the commercials speak to the core values of some people in this country; values certain groups seem intent (there’s that word) upon destroying.  Btw, the baby Clydesdale has been named Hope.  There is a deep need in this country to be reminded of what we are about and who we are.  People don’t really understand their values until someone tries to trash them.  These commercials affirm them.  Who would have thought a couple of commercials could have such a deep impact on so many people??  Both commercials have authentic heart.

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2 Responses to Values

  1. pollyann says:

    The Clydesdales are phenomenal. I was in awe when I saw some on display several years ago. Everyone was quiet who was looking at them. I read hundreds and hundreds of the comments under the Bud commercial over the days and everyone cried including me. I started crying when I read that you miss hearing Paul Harvey. I miss him, too.

  2. saltyme says:

    Love these commercials! 🙂 Beautiful horse!!!
    Love Paul Harvey!!! I miss hearing him on the radio.

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