Weather Chat (3)

I’m starting a new post for this subject (obviously).  I have the feeling this new winter storm, Nemo, is going to generate a lot of commenting.

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60 Responses to Weather Chat (3)

  1. pollyann says:

    Zowie and Eeksters!! That was quite a storm system that just came through!! There was a lot of tornado activity with this system so I had to be alert and paying attention.

  2. pollyann says:

    Here in New England, March or April snow used to be referred to as poor man’s fertilizer. HOWEVER, I would not rate aluminum, barium and whatever else as fertilizer.
    I like your flower, too, Sily. Cheerio!! Lol!!

  3. Sily says:

    Thanks Salty — I’m getting in a Spring mood.

  4. Salty says:

    Hi Sily,
    That’s a pretty flower you have for your Avatar. It reminds me of a warm sunny spring day. 🙂

    Hi Polly, I’m going to keep an eye out for glitter this year. I hate to think about all the crap we are breathing in that we can’t see but every time I see them up there chemtrailing I do. 😦

  5. pollyann says:

    The glitter in the first snowfall here last night was the MOST I have ever seen. It was way overboard from just glistening snow and it really did pour snow for a while. It’s still snowing on and off but we’ve only had about four inches with some sleet and freezing rain, too. The last storm, Saturn, I guess, from which we had only a few inches, dumped a foot to two feet east of me out to Boston. I was shocked to find that out afterward. The same was predicted for this storm for parts east and north.

  6. Sily says:

    That’s a lot of snow. We woke up to snow yesterday morning, the grass was white but it wasn’t sticking on the roads because it was too warm, then it rained the rest of the day. Right now it’s sunny and 54 and I’ve got one window open again. Spring starts tomorrow I think. I’ll bet you’ll be glad when it’s sunny and warm again. Frogs and birds!

  7. Salty says:

    Glitter in the snow! YIKES!! NOT Good. Now that you mention it there were several times last summer when I noticed shiny specks on me but at that time I don’t recall connecting it to the chemtrail crap. That’s probably what it was.

    You certainly have had more than your share of ‘weather’ this year. Hopefully this storm you are having now will be the last of the cold and snow.

  8. pollyann says:

    It is “pouring” snow. This is a new term I read recently made by someone out in the Midwest.

  9. pollyann says:

    The leading snow was filled with glitter. I suspect this was aluminum from the heavy chemtrail spraying done in the last few days to mix with the solar proton particles which blasted earth. (It was sickening and disgusting, guys!! It was like a death blast.) Central MA may have a foot or more of snow, and parts of NH may have over two feet from this storm.

  10. pollyann says:

    Intellicast says 5-8 inches of snow here tonight, heavy at times late; some sleet may mix in, low of 25 degrees. Winds out of the east at 10-20 mph.

  11. sily says:

    Yes, dropped here also. Brrrrrrrr. Right now 39 degrees and raining. We are heading into about 3 days of rain here on the eastern shore.

  12. pollyann says:

    It’s been mostly cold here and we had some windy days last week during which it felt as though the wind came straight from the North Pole. We did have a few days in the upper 50’s before the temp. then dropped again.

  13. sily says:

    Okay, major update: last night I took the storm window off the kitchen window and had dinner listening to the birds outside. It was delightful! Then this morning husband and I finished taking the storm windows off the other windows. Right now it’s 61 outside and tomorrow is supposed to be about the same. It was soooooooooo good listening to the birds talk again! What a winter.

  14. pollyann says:

    We had maybe 2 inches of wet snow and that is stretching it. That’s a lot of rain for one March (oops! I had typed February!!) storm in your area. Yes?? The astrologers always say that when Mercury is Retrograde high winds are more common.

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