Coast To Coast AM 2-2-13

I have a hard time not wanting to listen to John B. Wells live when he hosts the Coast Show and instead waiting until the next day, which means I am up all night since I’m in the eastern U.S. and the show doesn’t start until 1 AM here.  I heard this segment this morning when John was asked a few questions by callers and have looked it up and marked it on the YouTube video because I think it is worth listening to.  The segment runs from 2:00:36 to about 2:09:30.

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One Response to Coast To Coast AM 2-2-13

  1. pollyann says:

    Since John has such a deep, soothing voice the resonance of it calms the root chakra. Esoterically, it’s like the loving, paternal, protective dragon energy before the dragons were defeated and enslaved. Hopefully, that situation is being rectified by Franz Erdl and Co. 🙂

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