Jordan Maxwell with Clyde Lewis

I was listening to Jordan Maxwell on the Clyde Lewis show last night on my local AM station.  As always, I like listening to him because he spells things out very clearly.  He kept saying (this is his opinion based upon many years of extensive knowledge gathering and research) it is way too late for this country to save itself, as well as the rest of humanity and the world.  Evil has taken over everything and it is too big to dismantle.  (My words.)  He spoke a lot of about The New Dawn, The New Day which is symbolized esoterically by symbols of the sun all over the world.

Jordan talked about the two-party system represented by the eagle (left wing and right wing) and that whenever there is a Democrat in the White House there is anti-Nazi sentiment in the media and whenever there is a Republican in the White House there is anti-Communist sentiment in the media.

From Clyde’s website, “Ground Zero”:

Mental Holocaust:  The Path to Pathocracy

2013:  The New Age, The New Sun

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One Response to Jordan Maxwell with Clyde Lewis

  1. pollyann says:

    It really is over.

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