It’s in the air and building from what I can gather.  One thing is, I joined the Oath Keepers mailing list to see what they are saying and they are ready for whatever.

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4 Responses to Revolution!!

  1. pollyann says:

    We are being worked over from every direction; the attack is against all of our core values of what is right and wrong. They are pushing, pushing, pushing — forcing a revolt.

  2. pollyann says:

    Salty, I’m definitely limiting my exposure to a lot of things but I can feel the revolution gaining momentum just by coming across (not actively looking for) brief quotes, headlines, quips on the radio and the like. The tone of the few Oath Keepers’ newsletters I have received so far is very serious.

    I’ve heard the talk about the enlisting of doctors in the U.S. Doctor visits should drop dramatically because of it.

  3. saltyme says:

    Things aren’t looking good Polly. I’ve been trying to ignore things today but it’s all over the TV, web, and radio. CTV and CBC National News are even quoting what conspiracy theorists say, and basically agreeing they might just be right!

    I was listening to Clyde Lewis for a while tonight and he was talking about how doctors in the US are going to start spying on their patients. In Canada doctors have been covertly doing that for years.

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