Psychotropic Soul Harvest (Steve Richards)

The link takes you to Randy Maugans’ Off Planet Radio website to a 76 minute audio file during which Steve discusses the soul harvesting taking place.  Spirits are being traumatized via many means to access the soul for harvest into another round of hell time (my words).  The soul is what can be programmed.  I’m glad he states this because this is the conclusion I came to on my own.  The Spirit cannot be programmed and can make the needed changes. 

This is an important audio interview:

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One Response to Psychotropic Soul Harvest (Steve Richards)

  1. pollyann says:

    Steve said that in August of this year when the conjunction takes place, time will loop itself. If a person has changed his or her past (cleared the traumas, etc.) then a new future series of cycles will take place instead of the past cycles repeating again. (Paraphrased.) At the conjunction, a person will either be inside time (Ground Hog Day [the movie]) or outside time where a new cycle will be set up.

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