America’s Decline C2C 1-12-2013

This is all true.  It can’t be denied.  John B. Wells talks with author Larry Kelley on Coast to Coast AM about the fall of civilizations and the corellations with the PRESENT time in the U.S.  Towards the end it is mentioned how approximately every two weeks the FBI breaks up a plot in this country according to another author.  I don’t doubt this because I have seen many examples in the news over the years but not much is said about them.   Also, the amount of infiltration by Islamic radicals in this country is way under-reported according to emails John receives from listeners during the show.

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2 Responses to America’s Decline C2C 1-12-2013

  1. pollyann says:

    He laid it right on the line!! All of the signs are as clear as day, imo.

    Also, imo, if things could have been reversed that would’ve already started to occur and I have seen no such thing. There are and have been all kinds of valiant efforts to reverse the course we are on but they are not making enough of a difference so, for the forseeable future, I agree with Ms. Deane that Earth’s planetary consciousness did make the decision in 1998 to reboot and allow us time to finish up here and vacate. It was up to Earth’s consciousness and not the inhabitants.

  2. saltyme says:

    I liked this show too, very informative.

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