Weather Chat (2)

I am adding a second post for weather since the first one is long and further down the home page.  It’s snowing again here.  We are in the 3-6 inches range.  Next week we are supposed to have temps. at night in the single digits.

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  1. pollyann says:

    Thanks for the friendly weather alert, Salty!! I think this storm is going to end up being much more mild near me than was previously predicted. I’ll know tonight. It’s been misting all day and near 40 degrees. It was predicted to be snowing by now but things didn’t come together as they thought. Tomorrow is supposed to be blustery with some snow but I am now in the 1-3 inch range.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly, you probably know about this already but I just seen it. There is More bad weather heading your way, Western Massachusetts, and with some places getting 10 inches.
    Yikes! Enough Already!!

  3. pollyann says:

    See new post — Weather Chat (3).

  4. pollyann says:

    Headlines (no links here) from Drudge at 12:06 AM EST: Crushing Storm to Pile Two Feet on Boston…
    BANK OF AMERICA urges run on ATMs…
    Winds near hurricane force…
    Cripple travel…

    Their words: crushing, extreme, big, urges, force, cripple.

  5. saltyme says:

    You hadn’t posted that yet when I looked so you can delete whichever if you want.

  6. pollyann says:

    No problem, Salty. It’s just a matter of approving the comment so I don’t mind if you include more than one link.

  7. saltyme says:

    I forgot about the moderation thing Polly. I shouldn’t have put 2 links in one post. Sorry about that!

  8. pollyann says:

    Nemo was next on their list, I guess. Isn’t he a cartoon character?? Bring it on. LOL!! They must have been skiers and snowmobilers. Plus, big bucks are in store for the snowplowers. No problem, I don’t mind updating. If the electricity goes out I will update when it’s back on.

  9. sily says:

    Please update when you can. I am interested in these things, albeit……. uneasy. If you don’t feel like updating — don’t worry about it. I might be off by 5 or 10 million, but I think this storm is supposed to have an impact on 36 million people. The name is Nemo. Hmm… why that name was picked for a winter storm, I just do not know. A lot of people in New England were on TV news today, saying “bring it on” “we’re used to these types of storms”.

  10. pollyann says:

    Boston might have 3 feet!! We’ll see. I’m in the up to 2 feet range right now. Two storms are supposed to converge. Is the name of it Nemo?? I think that is what I saw.

  11. sily says:

    Big news coming your way — some kind of super storm. I heard Boston, MA is supposed to have 1-2 foot of snow with New York City seeing 2-3 inches of snow an hour.

  12. sily says:

    I have 2 pair of fleece socks from LL Bean ( ) and then a whole bunch of fuzzy socks.

  13. pollyann says:

    I hope they are thick, Merino wool socks. That is THE best wool next to alpaca.

  14. sily says:

    I sent the snow art pictures link to some email buddies and got a good response. One of my friends said it looked like a lot of work. Tonight we are supposed to have some snow showers. I’m just going to stay inside with thick socks on and read.

  15. pollyann says:

    The wind whipped fiercely overnight and today. A branch hit a line and blew a transformer on the other side of town but the electricity here flickered three times and stayed on. Thank you!! When I was outside after midnight the wind gusts sounded like a train coming. I had wind driven rain coming in my apt. around some windows and the AC. The carpet dried today.

  16. pollyann says:

    Here comes THE WIND from that “unusual storm” which blasted across the country today!!

  17. sily says:

    When I get a chance I’m going to save those Russian pics and send them out to my friends. Thanks for the interesting article Polly! Man is it cold out. …….. lol……. :-p

  18. sily says:

    I forgot to mention — I threw peanuts out for the squirrels this AM and I’ve been loading up the bird feeders.

  19. sily says:

    Oh yes. Very cold is on the way to us here on the eastern shore. Currently it’s 50 degrees out HOWEVER (!) tonight it goes down to mid-20s, then 40’s tomorrow then… 40mph gusts Tuesday with highs only in the 20s! Yikes! We had our first snow a couple days ago, just a wimpy 1.5 inches. Made everything white, though. Bundle up Miss Polly! I know I shall be, this week. The furnace will be getting a workout for sure.

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