Chemtrails and Dementia

Are some of the ingredients in chemtrails causing wide-spread dementia in people??

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3 Responses to Chemtrails and Dementia

  1. pollyann says:

    I found this yesterday while pruning my blog. It’s not just baby boomers and older; it’s all ages, I say. The worse part is when someone doesn’t realize their cognitive functions are not working the way they used to and those who know them see it. (No one has to tell me I am a walking cognitive dysfunction. Lol!!)

  2. pollyann says:

    Did it rain after the chemtrailing where you are, Sparkel?? We had some chem-rain last night and earlier today. Now the air outside is thick and moist (icky). I have a mild chem-cough today. New words for dictionaries.

  3. Sparkel says:

    I don’t doubt that they could be. For one thing I’ve heard that they change our DNA, so perhaps chemtrails cause, or contribute to all our ills.

    Speaking of chemtrails. A few days ago there was heavy chemtrailing here. That night the sky was overcast with low, heavy, dark clouds, when I looked out and they were chemtrailing below the clouds! I have never seen them chemtrailing that low before.
    Later on I looked out again and that particular chemtrail was gone but as I was looking the clouds parted and there behind the clouds was a chemtrail.

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