Questions For Amitakh

I have some questions for Amitakh Stanford.  I cannot contact her because she doesn’t allow contact.  She writes some rather incredible articles and sometimes I would like to have a bit more information on what she writes.  She has recently written a few articles concerning certain aliens removing the consciousness from chosen human bodies and replacing these consciousnesses with what would be considered alien consciousness. (The word alien is such a generic term these days and means nothing by itself.  All of us are already aliens to this planet!!)  She wrote that this first replacement wave occurred in Australia on Nov. 13th.  She now states that the next operation will occur before the end of the year, around December 12th, and this time it will occur in NYC and that the whole state of NY is slated.

I would like to ask her which alien group or groups she is referring to (a name or names I can understand) and where these aliens are from.  Do they have anything to do with the Kuiper’s Belt situation??  Also, concerning the particular bodies which are chosen, what requirements are used??

After opening this link – – click on New York, New York.   There are other, earlier articles on this subject at the main link as well.

There’s another question I have.  If consciousness is being removed from bodies, where are these consciousnesses being taken to??

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9 Responses to Questions For Amitakh

  1. pollyann says:

    Sarah, I will make a new post and hopefully she receives word of it.

  2. sarah gazala says:

    This has nothing directly to do with the missing plane. I am trying to get a hold of Amitakh Stanford. This is in regards to the Atu-waa. Please contact me at Thank you

  3. pollyann says:

    Yep, no problem, Sparkel.

  4. Sparkel says:

    Hi Polly. I don’t have anything to say about Amitakh right now but I need to post something here so I can follow this thread.

  5. pollyann says:

    In Amitakh’s last article (Dec. 21, 2012, Sinkhole Science) she states the Australian Yeti she has dealt with are associated with the “aliens” [my quotation marks] that are mass replacing consciousnesses in human bodies. That is more clear for me. Thank you.

  6. pollyann says:

    Hey!! Thanks for your input. I read all or almost all of Xeeatwelve earlier this year and the end of last and, of course, I don’t remember everything she wrote. 🙂 I was thinking on her new web page (dassta-ma-kha) she was addressing recent developments so my questions were geared that way. The name Ron Amitron sounds familiar. Oh, yeah, I came across his website last year. That was very freaky!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you check you’ll find a lot of answers to those questions, Its another of her websites. If you want to know about where consciousness is going listen to Ron Amitron Creationlightship BBS radio or his archives at It will surprise you at what’s now happening unbeknownst to the human race..

  8. pollyann says:

    The date, Dec. 12th, for the possible next consciousness swap that Amitakh is expecting is two days away!!

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