Weather Chat (1)

I have a friend who is a self-proclaimed “weather freak” and needs a place to discuss weather events in her area because she loves to talk about the weather.  It’s an open thread.

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  1. pollyann says:

    We are supposed to have a few more inches tomorrow afternoon. Sily Village. That’s funny!!

  2. sily says:

    Thank you — we’re in a snowy mood here at Sily Village.

    Love the snowflake site — so cute!

  3. pollyann says:

    Sily, I LOVE your snowflake!!! Simply beautiful!!

  4. pollyann says:

    We had about 5 inches plus some freezing rain and rain on top. Some wind. All will freeze tonight. Windy and cold tomorrow. 🙂

  5. sily says:

    If 3-5 inches is what you got, that’s not too bad. What we got was locally 2.5 inches of rain and LOTS of wind. It was a great day to sit in my recliner, surf the net and occasionally look out the window at all the wind and rain. No snow for us yet.

  6. pollyann says:

    Well, the snow started suddenly and heavily and is still coming down. I guess this will be a real storm.

  7. pollyann says:

    We are supposed to have 3-5 inches of snow mixed with rain tonight and winds coming off of the ocean, 25 – 35 mph. There are snow clouds over us but no snow hitting the ground yet.

  8. pollyann says:

    Sily, we aren’t having snow though it feels like snow outside. It’s about 32 degrees. We are supposed to have some rain and wind tomorrow from this storm that is moving across country. I know the storm has a name but, who cares?? Lol!

  9. sily says:

    Okay Polly – I’m nosy about your weather now, because it looks like on the map, it should be snowing where you are. Are you getting snow? Right now here it’s 45 degrees and raining cats and dogs. Dreary and a good day to take a nap!

  10. pollyann says:

    That’s a bit chilly, Sparkel!! We might have some (not a lot) snow overnight. It makes me grateful that I have heat and a warm apt.!! Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas!!

  11. Sparkel says:

    Brrrrrr!! It’s cold here! Right now the wind is howling and its -8 C = 17.6 F, and with the wind chill it is about -16 C = 3.2 F. We have a few inches of snow and its snowing now. The 10 day forecast is for high temps between -3 C & + 2 C, with lows between – 9 & -2.
    I suppose I shouldn’t complain ‘cause it could be worse! It is not that unusual for us to get temps around -20 C = -4 F lasting for a week or two.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  12. pollyann says:

    My goodness, Sily, it sounds like a nightmare!! I’m glad your parents are okay. These storm intensities world-wide are not going to go back to what we were used to. We had a lot of rain here and a bit of wet snow; nothing drastic and the ground is not frozen yet so it will sink in. It would have been all snow at this date in December not too long ago. Now we have an icy wind.

  13. pollyann says:

    It is POURING rain here!!

    • Sily says:

      Picked up my mom and dad from the airport last night and the plane tried to land once and had to circle around because the wind was so bad. My dad, who has probably been on a plane 10,000 times, said it was the worst plane ride he has ever experienced. My mom was so sick from the turbulence, she couldn’t even look up. Lots of wind-driven rain but at the airport at 2:30 AM in the morning (the plane was delayed from an original arrival time of 11:30pm) it was 60 degrees on December 21st. Now it’s a cold, 44 degrees. Saturday and I think today (?) we’re supposed to have gusts to 50 mph. Winter storm Draco? What an idiotic name for a storm.

  14. pollyann says:

    The real cold used to start in November up here, then it went to the last half of November started to be cold, now we have warm days in December.

  15. sily says:

    Ahh… I feel much better as today is 50 degrees. This is more normal and I feel good about it. I just am not a fan of abnormal, or what I view as abnormal, high temperatures in December. My husband keeps reminding me that it isn’t even “Winter” yet because that doesn’t start until December 21st. I guess technically we are still in Fall or Autumn.

  16. pollyann says:

    LOL!! We went through this last year, too. I kept seeing earthworms. Thanks for the update, Sily!! 🙂

  17. sily says:

    Checking in — December 10th and it’s 68 degrees out.

  18. pollyann says:

    The UK had many days of flooding. Possible 18 feet of snow may fall on Mt. Shasta!! It would break any records for snowfall from one event.

  19. sily says:

    Hi — I’m checking in on Sunday — we’ve been VERY lucky here so far for end of November/beginning Dec. Had 60 degrees yesterday and WOW did that help with the heating bill (!!!) and today will be high around 60, Monday mid 60s and then Tuesday high 60s. I had the windows open yesterday for a bit airing out things.

    Guess you guys have heard (?), Northern California is being pounded with rain and storms.

    Interestingly, it was just last week that I heard a rebroadcast of C2C from November 14th and the lady that was filling in for George Noory was discussing the flooding in the UK. On November 14th!

    Here’s a link for the storms out in California and western Oregon/Washington:

  20. pollyann says:

    Thanks for the video link, Martijn!! There’s been a lot flooding in different places. Yes, a perfect storm.

  21. Martijn says:

    That must have been a perfect storm, over there in the UK.

  22. Martijn says:

    Yes, Polly, I’ve seen some of the flooding now.

    Frost at night here currently; -4C/25F. Some snow to be expected as well. That would be the first snow for this season. About +4C/40F by day.

    Sily, It seems that you and I have rather similar weather currently. That is remarkable. We share a similar weather reality.

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