Herding People

I really despise the feeling of someone trying to herd and micro-manage my energy for their own benefit.  It’s very annoying.  I naturally have to resist it when I detect it.  Since this is my weblog, I can express this annoyance here.

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21 Responses to Herding People

  1. pollyann says:

    I found a different host for a free forum. I like the format better and it has better functions and controls. I am now building it. Come look! I named it Intelligentia.


  2. sily says:

    How about some of these sections:
    “The Lighter Side” – for humor or positive messages or a section called “Positivity”
    “In The News” or Current Events
    Space News
    The Unusual and Unexplainable
    Symbolism In the Arts, Media, Books
    Recommendations (music, videos or books)
    Art work from Members
    Health News
    Uploads/Downloads (recommended pdfs, docs, mp3s, from members, etc)
    Q & A or a “Help” section
    An “Ask Polly” section

    … just a few ideas! 🙂

  3. pollyann says:

    Sily, I don’t want to duplicate other people’s forums. For the last several months I have been deprogramming from what I call Luciferian metaphysics so that could be one of my topics. What else? I need input.

  4. sily says:

    Ooooo! When you get it all set up mail me the addy, I want to be a member!

  5. pollyann says:

    Sily, thanks, I started setting one up last night, just to see. Hehe.

  6. sily says:

    I can change the theme for you and give you the password but wouldn’t it be better for me to delete this forum and for you to set up your own place where only you have control of the password and everything? Please let me know … I thought I’d only set this one up – Polly’s Place as an example of how easy it is to set up from the above link.

  7. pollyann says:

    Maybe Ipvista doesn’t have as many functions as Inspiration? I’d like to change the skin.

  8. pollyann says:

    Can you make me co-admin?

  9. pollyann says:

    Sily, since you are admin, can you change the skin to Ipvista? It’s the skin right next to Inspiration.

  10. sily says:

    Here’s one I just set up in a matter of 3 minutes: http://pollysplace.forumotion.com/

    I called it Polly’s Place. 😉

    I used http://www.forumotion.com/ to set it up. If you don’t like that system, just Google “free forum hosting”.

    If you need any help, just let me know.

  11. pollyann says:

    Sily, I’ll spend some time reading the mind control thread.
    Lol! If I started a forum hardly anyone would visit. I don’t have the kind of hooking programming some have which attracts a crowd. I’m more subtle. Out of curiosity, please, include a link for a forum to set up.

  12. sily says:

    About david icke’s forum, I think the mind control & symbolism forum can’t be beat. I love The Stepford Wives thread. I’ve never posted there… I just lurk. Hmm…serious question -already why don’t you start your own forum. You press one button and they set up themselves.

  13. pollyann says:

    I had some fun posting at Alex Jones’ website a while back but it’s not something I want to do on a regular basis. That is one raw forum! I have been checking out David Icke’s forum, I never paid attention to it before, and I’m not too thrilled yet about posting on it. Lol! We’ll see.

  14. pollyann says:

    Sily, I remember you mentioning Goro’s material many times.

    Godlike is one strange place! Lol! I think I remember when that forum was launched. I posted something on there years ago and I think my post was royally attacked if remember correctly. Lol! My name might have been browneyedgirl.

  15. pollyann says:

    No, I’m not as irritated as I was which is a good thing. 🙂

    That forum is not the easiest to post on compared to others, I agree, which is why I reverted to subscribing to each thread I was interested in. That function was recently removed for some reason.

    According to the stats there are at least 750 people registered there and so few people posting. And what is going on with those who already signed up to pay? Are they posting in a duplicate forum that can only be seen by paying members? Lol!

    I’ve never paid for a forum. I invest my time, ideas, support and energy. Have you ever paid for a forum, Sily?

    • sily says:

      They should pay you to be there — you have LOTS of good info.

      I did pay for Goro Adachi’s blog for many years – a super secret underground section called SuperTorch Ritual – I also bought his book “Time Rivers” that was way, way over my head.

      I paid for one month at godlike to be a full member and they have a “forum2” that only members can see & get to. That was $10.00 a month.

      I think that’s about it for paying — my money is hard to come buy these days and it’s mostly *free* things for me these days. 🙂

      Oh yeah, I pay $12.00 a year for ecards from the JackieLawson site! I like her art work. Whoops…. lol.. just remembered another .. I paid to have a lifetime membership to an artist from russian called vladstudio that makes cool wallpapers. I think that’s it!

  16. pollyann says:

    Sily, you are consistently such a nice person. You really are. I’m glad we know each other from the Internet. I need another forum that fits my interests. Thanks for the suggestions. More later, I have more to say.

  17. sily says:

    Well, you know “The Place” you and I *currently* post at together … are you thinking of leaving that place, because of technical difficulties? I don’t think there is a virus there. It’s a very basic forum with not a lot of features, quite hard to post at, in my opinion, but that is their choice at this time, so I’m just going with the flow. Maybe they will upgrade to a better forum software later on down the road. There are so many FREE ones available, I just don’t understand why they are sticking with something that is so difficult for posters to post on.

    At least you have line breaks here.

    I spend a lot of time at the “Personality Cafe” forum – I have 3,394 posts there. I’m one of the older folks that posts there. The forum is based around the Myers-Briggs personality test, so if that kind of *personality classifications* rubs you the wrong way, you’ll probably want to stay away. Here’s an example of a post from there:


    Two other forums that I love to read are David Icke’s forum and godlikeproductions. I don’t post on either of those forums, I just read and lurk. Oh btw, I’m user “Sily” on all the forums I sign up for – easy to find, I guess!

    I really do understand the need for at least one forum that one can write on and get ideas out. Blogs are great, you know I have my own, but with forums there’s more interaction about the ideas we write and that is fun (at times!).

    I know you like C2C, how about these two forums to try out, that are centered around the radio show?

    1. http://www.fantasticforum.com/1res/index.php (Fantastic Forum)
    2. http://www.coastgab.com/ (Coast Gab)

    So… are you feeling any better these days or are you still pretty irritated? If you are an absorber of *energies* these are trying times to live in, that is for sure. I find people around me get triggered, then try and trigger me, but no, no.. I want no parts of that!

    You have so much excellent information to share with others and you’re so knowledgeable, I pray you do not stop.

  18. pollyann says:

    Sily, do you know of any good forums?

  19. sily says:

    Since everything seems to be about *energy exchange* here on Earth, if I feel a weird vibe … I move on from them or it. Time is short and I figure I’m the Director of this movie called My Life. Re-write the script. 🙂

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