I unintentionally woke up the resident robins at about 3:50 AM when I went outside even though I was being very quiet.  The one who spotted me first began to chatter in robin-speak and others in the vicinity proceeded to chatter in return.  One of them sang a bit before all of them eventually became silent again.  I guess it was communally decided I was not a threat.

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4 Responses to Robin-Speak

  1. El says:

    That’s so cute! LOL!

  2. pollyann says:

    Hey, Sily! It was interesting listening to the robins converse this morning. Speaking of frogs, I discovered a tree frog one night a few weeks ago up inside the outside light fixture having some fast food. I haven’t seen him since.

  3. Sily says:

    That’s a great response from the birds. I wish I could understand what they say, when I walk outside. I left for town early this morning & all the birds were up & singing. I also saw Mr. or Miss Frog hopping away, off to the right side of the porch. I’d love to know what my two dogs are thinking also.

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