Thrilling Ride

I went for a helicopter ride for the first time last weekend.  I felt no fear whatsoever and absolutely LOVED it!  It’s the best thing I have done in years.  There is nothing better, to me, than the feeling of being off of the surface of this planet and looking down upon the scenery below.  I have not felt that kind of freedom since… when?  I cannot say the same about being in a commercial jet.

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2 Responses to Thrilling Ride

  1. pollyann says:

    Too bad you became ill, Sily! That would ruin it. My stomach did not react at all. Something changed in your inner ears. I am going again as soon as I can! This was a small helicopter with the glass bubble all around the front — they don’t make them anymore.

    I already felt the CME as it exploded out of the sun. There are magnetic lines connecting the sun and earth.

  2. Sily says:

    Sounds like fun. At least you didn’t get sick, which is what happened to me. My inner ear is all messed up hence, any moving vehicle messes me up.

    Major CME to arrive August 3rd. I’ll report back in if anything happens.

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