Goldfish Appear to Like Orgonite

I decided to try one of my experiments, so about a month or so ago I put two tb’s in the goldfish pond to see how the fish would react to them, if at all.  It’s just a smaller, plastic, kidney-shaped pond sunk into the ground, lined with rocks and flora, with two tubs and a circulating pump which create a two-tiered waterfall.  There are three adult goldfish living in the pond. 

After checking the fish often, both day and night, I saw that they like to hang around the tb’s and it’s not a coincidence because the tb’s are sitting on a shelf on one side of the pond where the water is not very deep.  They hang there in the water with their heads pointed near the tb’s. 

These fish are nervous because they know they are prey since a great blue heron snatched one of them a few years ago.  They especially like to be near the tb’s at night when they are usually more active.  Perhaps they are absorbing a boost from the crystals in the tb’s.  I also noticed they were engaging in mating rituals when the weather was warmer than lately and had not done this for the last three or four years.

I don’t know how long they will gravitate towards the tb’s because I think orgonite devices weaken over time but their energy is amplified in water.

It’s coming up on 11 PM and I just went outside (with down jacket on because it’s so cold tonight) to check the goldfish and the three of them are floating over the orgonite devices.  This is interesting.

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4 Responses to Goldfish Appear to Like Orgonite

  1. pollyann says:

    I went out and checked the goldfish and all three are hovering over or near the orgonite devices. One day I moved them and that night they were hovering over where I had moved them to, deeper in the pond. I think these two devices are ones I made well over a year ago. Go figure. Someone told me more than a few years ago that one of the orgonite devices I sent to that person was not very strong in comparison to those made by other people.

  2. Sily says:

    I mean Orgonite.

  3. Sily says:

    There was a poster at another place talking about William Reich and energy and organite. I did not enter the conversation but her thread didn’t go so well. Kinda shot down by the masses. They don’t believe.

  4. pollyann says:

    I checked the fish tonight and two of them, the two smaller ones, were hovering over the orgonite devices. I’ve seen this many times though I wondered if I mentioned it last night here, they would stop.

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