Crows Are Psychic and Clairvoyant

I’m not kidding!  The ones which hang around this neighborhood always know when I am thinking of putting some unwanted food out for them before I go outside with it.  Sometimes if I think about doing just that too long one of them will land on the garage roof for a second so that I see him from the window above my PC to remind me to hurry up. 

As soon as I come back inside, one of the crows will appear to see what I have offered them outdoors under the big spruce.  Then he will tell his group there’s a meal to be had.  The next thing they do is go about hiding the pieces of food here and there to be retrieved later.  It’s fun to watch them find hiding places.

Have you ever noticed that crows are the first to snatch the eyeballs of road kills?  Ewwww!  Maybe that is why they are so clairvoyant.  Haha!

Recycling food is better than putting it into the waste stream.  I either compost it in the compost pit, bring it out back, flush it if it is soupy or put it out for the crows and squirrels if I know it will be something they like.  Other than that, I put out beef suet and various kinds of bird seed for the other birds twice a day.  They are always waiting for me at those times.

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One Response to Crows Are Psychic and Clairvoyant

  1. pollyann says:

    From the Expansions website Q&A Archives: (The archives are only available to paying members of that website now so this link will take you to a Not Found page.)


    Posted: October, 09, 2001
    Do you know anything about crows? The reason I ask you this is because two crows have been following me for many years, and I don’t know where to turn to for help. A lady shaman told me the crows are the law keepers. And I read somewhere the crows bring the souls from darkness to light. Also I learned from another source crows are beings from the planet Saturn. What puzzles me the most is why they follow me, and why me. Perhaps you can shed some light on this matter that for many years has been bugging me. Thanks a lot for the help you may give me. –Juan

    Stewart’s Reply: Despite what you have been told, crows symbolically represent darkness, deceit, and Reptilian energy. If they follow you, it is because they are recognizing an energy familiar to them. You should clear your mind-pattern of victimization and use protection techniques with violet energy.


    Posted: October, 14, 2001
    Could you expand a little your explanation about the connection of crows and the Reptilian? Also, why crows represent darkness and deceit? And why do they recognize in me an energy familiar to them?

    Stewart’s Reply: As a “programmed” person, you are reflecting the deceitful actions that were perpetuated in you, therefore, you attract a creature that represents that energy. These crows can “read” your aura and follow it. Crows, as all birds, are descendents of reptile dinosaurs. Crows in particular reflect the negative mind-pattern of humans, and especially the aspects of the Reptilian brain stem. Hope this information helps you. Thank you for your support of our work.

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