Earthquake Trigger

There was a 6.0 earthquake in the Azores on Nov. 4th.  As soon as I saw the email alert I knew it was a trigger of sorts for big trouble to come and soon.  The next day was the shooting in Texas at Fort Hood, then the shooting in Florida the following day.  The trouble associated with this trigger is not over.

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6 Responses to Earthquake Trigger

  1. pollyann says:

    This earthquake in the Azores I termed a “marker in time” had personal significance for me as well.

  2. pollyann says:

    Sily, there aren’t any storms anymore which might be labeled as what we used to know as normal. With so much ELF bouncing around the atmosphere, ground and underground, everything is humming with an added, technological frequency.

    Why wouldn’t the Azores be at the eastern boundary of Atlantis? It makes sense.

  3. Sily says:

    Hi Polly – I’m reporting in the day after. I hope in the next few days to post pictures of the destruction to the roads, flooding and the dunes that people are taking (at my site). The pressure in the storm dropped way, way down – others may not agree but I feel this storm was manipulated with to make it worse than it started out as. Just a feeling I had. Azores I think of Atlantis, but that might be my own programming that no one else would agree with. 🙂

  4. pollyann says:

    Sily, I kind of wish I was watching the storm with ye. 🙂

  5. pollyann says:

    Sily, I appreciate your interest. A lot has occurred!

    I have been watching what has been happening since that earthquake in the Azores. It was a marker in time, a foreboding one. A moment when info came to me for some reason. Also, I felt something at 9:11 PM when the alleged DC sniper was executed and only found out a bit later that it was the moment he passed.

    Interestingly enough, the Azores sit atop an active Triple Junction of the North American, Eurasian and African tectonic plates! Atlantis? I hadn’t thought about it. It could be.

    We may have some rain late tomorrow, and then Saturday looks wet from Ida.

  6. Sily says:

    I’m in the middle of a bad storm – lots of flooding in VA. Tonight should be interesting in terms of amounts of rain and wind. You mentioned the Azores – do you have any opinion that Atlantis was once there? Also, I’m sure you noticed also that the execution via lethal injection of J.A. Muhammad was marked at 9:11pm. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks.

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