Jupiter Is So Close!

I’ve been viewing Jupiter at night for months because it is so close and bright and I have been able to barely see without optical aid what I thought to be one of Jupiter’s moons, as well, to the upper left of the planet.  I finally looked up a recent picture of nighttime Jupiter at a website and sure enough, two of Jupiter’s moons were pictured in approximately the 10 o’clock position which is what I have been seeing.  Amazing!  And my eyesight is not so great either.

Edgar Cayce talked about Jupiter being related to our pituitary glands and the mystical third eye, and that energy goes back and forth between this planet and these glands in us.  The other planets in our solar system are related to other glands in our bodies.  No wonder we are so screwed up!!  This whole solar system is a big mess and does not function properly!!

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