Another Moose Eludes Me!

I still don’t believe I missed seeing the moose which crossed the street this morning, crossed the corner of the front lawn and headed up the driveway to the house on the hill behind us.  At the exact moment she was crossing the street and then the front lawn, I was pouring sun tea into a cup and completely missed seeing her out of the kitchen window.

Paul was across the street at the neighbor’s when he spotted her and ran to the house to grab me so we could follow her up the driveway.  She was onto us though and stayed out of sight.  She crossed the back lawn up on the hill, went behind a shed and headed “out back” to the 800 or so acre preserve.  I couldn’t run anymore, especially because I still have a chest cold.

This, of course, is exciting to us who live in western MA along the CT border.  Moose are slowly filtering into our area from further north.

Curses!  Foiled again.  Another moose almost right under my nose and I missed it.  I had to content myself with taking a picture of some of her tracks.

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2 Responses to Another Moose Eludes Me!

  1. pollyann says:

    Sily, no one else spotted her after that! Usually if we have a moose in town, the animal is spotted in different parts of town as it moves through to wherever it is going. This is rutting season so she was headed somewhere. We have some large wetland areas because of the lakes.

  2. Sily says:

    Oh so close! I can’t wait for the post in the future where you get to see one. I have seen so many deer this fall but no moose. Pretty sure my chances are slim on that!

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