The Lure of a Female

When I went to check the rain gauge yesterday I came upon a bizarre scene.  The bottom of the rain gauge was filled with a pile of small, dead, black-colored beetles, perhaps 30 or 40 in all.  The rain gauge was bone dry though I thought there might have been a tenth of an inch in it from earlier, light showers.  For some reason they all crawled in there and expired.

I took the gauge in the house to show my buddy.  He was as puzzled as I was until he said, “I’ll bet there’s a female in there!”  Well, sure enough, as he shook the beetles around he saw there was only one brown beetle and that must have been the female.  All of the males crawled in there hoping to mate with her!  She would have been emitting a breeding pheromone.  Little did they know they were entering their own tomb.

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