Killer Cat Dream

Nightmare!  My cat, deceased cat that is, Buddy, was trying to kill me.  He jumped on my back and was clawing and biting me.  He was strong!  He wasn’t piercing my clothes, though.  I had heavy clothes on.  An APB was put out on another black and white cat named Buddy in CA.  I was afraid they would think it was my cat and I did not want him harmed.

I had been trying to feed Buddy.  I gave him some rabbit meat.  It was after he ate the meat that he attacked me.  I had him on the porch in a cage but the cage was open.  I began looking for my friend to help pry Buddy off of my back.

(I made little change to this account [only a bit for the sake of clarity] which I initially wrote right after waking up from this nightmare about 1 – 1:30 AM on April 19, 2009.)

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