The Power of the Word

Words and thoughts have consequences.   The energy behind those words and thoughts determines what those consequences will be.  Words and thoughts do not exist in a vacuum.  They go forth and effect others and the environment.  What you send out will come back to you in kind. 

If the same thoughts and words are used repeatedly with the same energy behind them they begin to form an etheric entity — a thoughtform.  A negative thoughtform can cause great harm to self and others.

March, 9, 2009

Think on This …

Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even think bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think well of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don’t speak! but don’t think it either!

Edgar Cayce Reading 2936-2

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