I Am Losing It

For all of last night and this morning the main thought running through my mind was, “I am losing it.”  My distress level was off the chart. 

I don’t watch much TV but I happened to see the beginning of a show on PBS at noon today; the thought, “I am losing it,” still going through my mind.  It was a study of a small group of people trying to lose weight and the methods they used.  The name of the show was none other than, “Losing It.”

I am reminded of Gerald Celente saying, “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose — they lose it.”  I’m not quite there yet but that thought is in the matrix these days.

Btw, listen to/read what Gerald Celente is saying about the state of things.  He is a self-proclaimed political atheist (good term!) and forecasts the trends he sees happening in the world.  He is on both mainstream and alternative news media.

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