“Spirit Releasement Therapy”

I highly recommend the book, “Spirit Releasement Therapy; A Technique Manual,” by William J. Baldwin who passed in 2003. 

He and his wife, Judith, did remote work on me in early 2001.  I bought this book in 2000 and have been studying it again lately much to my renewed appreciation and gratitude.  It has greatly served to fill in some gaps in my perspective of earth reality.  If you want to understand yourself, this reality, what really goes on outside of conscious awareness and how we are vastly influenced by non-physical matters, this book gives a comprehensive look.

The book details soul loss or fragmentation (which is apparently extremely common); multiple personalities, DID and alters; sub-personalities; dark force entity attachments or demons; earthbound spirit attachments; past life therapy, soul retrieval therapy and integration and release of attachments therapies.  It also details how the dark forces operate and interfere with humans as well as how aliens manipulate us.

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