Will Earth Shake When Bush Visits Israel?

This is for my own curiosity.  Brian of http://www.briansprediction.com/ had a dream 12-17-07 about when Bush touches Israeli soil the earth will shake.  It’s in his archives and linked here:


I came across the following article a few minutes ago about Bush’s plans to visit Israel on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 for three days.  Uh oh.


Now I can find out soon if this dream of Brian’s does come true.

Addition 1-11-08

I saved some links to see if the earth indeed shook (more than usual) when Bush arrived in Israel to visit from Wednesday, the 9th to Friday, the 11th.  He is supposed to return in May.  The dates given here are the dates at the epicenters of the quakes:

A 4.8 earthquake in Algeria on the 9th which is not common:


A good-sized earthquake of 6.3 off the coast of Oregon on the 9th:


A 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Quebec region on the 9th:


A fair-sized, 5.3 earthquake for Indonesia on the 10th, though not unusual at all:


A 2.9 earthquake recorded for the St. Lawrence Valley region in Quebec but this has been deleted by the USGS.  Now only an error page can be found at the former link:


A not common 6.4 Earthquake in western Xizang, Nepal on Jan. 9th:


A 3.7 earthquake recorded at Yellowstone Park, Wyoming on the 9th:


A rare, 3.5 earthquake was reported by the USGS for West Virginia on Jan. 10th.  An error page is now at the former link at the USGS website because this earthquake was deleted.  Maybe there was an underground explosion which was picked up by the seismology equipment:


I did save the initial email alert:


Geographic coordinates: 37.882N, 81.671W
Magnitude: 3.5 M
Depth: 1 km
Universal Time (UTC): 10 Jan 2008 21:37:08
Time near the Epicenter: 10 Jan 2008 16:37:08
Local standard time in your area: 10 Jan 2008 21:37:08Location with respect to nearby cities:
15 km (9 miles) NE (45 degrees) of Amherstdale-Robinette, WV
16 km (10 miles) SW (228 degrees) of Whitesville, WV
17 km (11 miles) SW (214 degrees) of Sylvester, WV
234 km (146 miles) NNW (328 degrees) of Winston-Salem, NC
320 km (199 miles) SSW (208 degrees) of Pittsburgh, PA

There was an unusual 2.3 earthquake in NY near the Ontario border on the 10th:


And last but not least, 40,000 lbs. of explosives were dropped in a 10 minute airstrike on southern Baghdad the 10th of January.  I’ll bet that shook the earth!


All in all I don’t feel confident that the information I included here is good verification for Brian’s dream.  I may have missed an event or events which would have undoubtedly verified it in my mind.  Or, this visit by Bush to Israel is not the visit the dream describes.  I don’t know at this point.  The dream states, “earth shakes as Bush touches Israel soil.”

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4 Responses to Will Earth Shake When Bush Visits Israel?

  1. Daffily says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Daffily.

  2. pollyann says:

    Bush was in Israel on May 14th for their so-called 60th year of independence anniversary but I was not paying attention to that visit or earthquakes in relation to the visit. I will have to check the data for that time.

  3. pollyann says:

    I know you are right about earthquakes not being posted by the USGS when they occur. I should have included that info when I wrote this but when it comes to Brians’s Dreams, sooner or later, the media unknowingly verifies them and in this particular instance it did not seem to me that the media verified this dream at the time.

    I appreciate your input.

  4. Ckaye says:

    You know, you can’t always trust the USGS web site. Even IRIS at times, but most particularly USGS. They have a tencency to downgrade quakes by a point on average, and especially in the US, a lot of local events never register. You will read about the event and wait and wait and wait to see it on the USGS report, and it never occurs. If you are interested, I have some interesting articles about problems with gags imposed on the scientific communities by the US gov’t. Of course, all of this hurts us, and we pay for it all to boot! This must change.

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