Terrorized by a Bumblebee

On Saturday, on a trip, a bumblebee hit the window frame of the truck I was in and fell inside.  I knew a large insect had hit the frame near me and was most likely inside the truck but I did not take the time to look.  I quickly forgot about it because we were talking or I was watching the scenery and caught up in my thoughts.  A few minutes later I felt good-sized insect legs starting to crawl on the back of my arm.

Well!  If you enjoy watching people freak you missed quite a show.  Lol!

I freaked.  I looked and saw this large bumblebee on the back of my arm and rapidly brushed it off thinking it would sting me.  I did not know where it was after that and lifted my body off the seat.  I was making these horrible sounds from raw terror.  My buddy had to yell at me to calm down and he quickly stopped the truck to come over to my side and find the bumblebee which was still alive and on the floor.

I was so surprised at my reaction because I like bumblebees and I also felt embarrassed at the strength of my reaction.  I started laughing and apologized.  When I told my buddy I like bumblebees he said, “I’d hate to see what happens if an insect you don’t like is on you.”  Lol!  He said it’s okay to panic but not like that!

That terror came from a deep place in my mind and was way overblown for the circumstance.  In a sense, it felt cathartic.  The poor bumblebee was just trying to recuperate from crashing into the window frame.

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