Cherry Tomato Season

Perhaps I will turn into a vine-ripened, cherry garden tomato soon.  I have been popping them into my mouth like candy lately.  They are ripening in the garden in a steady stream and will split open if not picked in time.  Up until very recently I had not eaten a Frito corn chip in many years and for some reason I find them to be a good combo with cherry tomatoes.  Lol!  I don’t even like corn and avoid it but here I am crunching on Fritos and eating cherry tomatoes.

The mail lady just informed me that the tomatoes I left in the mail box several days ago for her were very good and sweet.  I only see her when she comes to the house to deliver mail which doesn’t fit in the box and today she did.  That’s good to know.

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One Response to Cherry Tomato Season

  1. Burton Dale says:

    Great Story. Thanks.


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