Sitting on a Bridge

We were stopped in traffic this afternoon on a bridge over the Connecticut River in Hartford, CT and I’ll bet you’ll know what I was thinking.  🙂  At the time, I said I’d bet a lot of other people stopped on the bridge were thinking the same thing I was.

I’ve never liked sitting on bridges in traffic so my imagination did not take me anywhere it has not been before but now those kinds of thoughts will be hanging around on bridges in even larger numbers because of the latest bridge collapse.  Next time I go across a bridge I will think to clean up the thoughts hanging around the bridge.

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2 Responses to Sitting on a Bridge

  1. pollyann says:

    Janet, I think the same about there being a multitude of reasons coming together to collapse that bridge at that moment.

    I’ve experienced the same pre-earthquake reaction before as you described and wondered if I was feeling actual earth waves or actual EM waves made by technology.

  2. Janet Saxon Pieck says:

    I am always wary of bridges. I think the one in Minneapolis collapsed due to a multitude of reasons all coming together at once. It was old and corroded. I heard that there was a steam plant under part of it on shore. It is probably connected to the New Madrid fault and only half of it was being used with the traffic at a standstillat rush hour. I am sure when it was plenned vehicles and humans too were half their size and that was a heck of a lot of weight to have on half the bridge at rush hour. The earthquake at Vanatu, a 7.2 happened a few hours before and I knew that was happening because I was listing when I walked and had to lie down indeed I told my husband there was going to be an earthquake. He thought I was crazy but the minute I got better I went and checked the USGS site and sure enough the earthquake had happened within the hour. More worrisome is the fact that the Russians apparently claim that they detected a ulf sound wave at the exact time the bridge collapsed coming from a college within a mile of the bridge and this colege does work with sound waves.Quite a lot to think about when it comes to bridges and such a shame because they are so convenient!

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