Hall of Records Dream

Now I remember the dream!  I posted it a few weeks ago, then decided to remove it a few hours later because I wanted to keep it to myself for a while.  Later I could not recall what it was about!  Lol!  But now I do.  I was just reading some comments made about Edgar Cayce and the Hall of Records at another weblog and that jogged my memory.

This is the jist of it and all that I recall right now:

I was extremely upset about something in this dream and was on the verge of a tantrum.  My deceased mother then appeared and I began to cry.  She had important news to impart to me.  She had been working, from the other side of the veil, on correcting lies recorded in the Hall of Records (Akashic Records) in relation to our ancestry — an intentional corruption — and she was successful!

See the article in the list by Amitakh Stanford in her Dassta-Ma-kha series titled, “Spying From Above.” It’s number 51 in the series.

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