A Mound of Zinnias

You should see my big mound of zinnias planted in the cow dung compost heap.  Lol!  It is most striking and looks like a big, rounded, full bush.  Some of the flowers are finally beginning to open and when the mound is in full bloom it should look quite stunning on the hill.  I can’t wait. 

The Japanese Beetles have taken a liking to the leaves so I have been hand picking them off and putting them in a jar I keep up there.  The compost had lots of grubs which morph into these beetles and when I found the grubs in the other two cow dung compost piles we have been using I put them out for the bluebirds.  I certainly did not get them all.  Some of them were huge.  A nice, juicy appetizer if you are the sort who likes grubs.  If I was really smart I would have mixed diatamaceous earth into the compost pile before I planted the seeds.  Ah well.

I’ve named the mound… Mt. Zinnia!  😀

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