Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

We’ve had bear visitors again.  Yesterday a different one pulled down the feeder in the big spruce around noon.  So much for leaving that feeder out during the daylight hours.  I did not see this bear but others did who happened to pull into the driveway at that moment.

Later in the early evening a mother and cub walked through the yard up on the hill (which startled the daylights out of my buddy’s sister as she was washing dishes and looked out her window to see the bears passing under her clothesline 30 feet away) and made it down to our neighbor’s yard soon afterward.  The dog had to be rushed into the house again. 

After the dog was put inside my buddy was trying to sneak closer for a picture by hiding behind some pines in this yard but he stepped on a branch which she heard and after she got wind of us she started our way.  We did not see a cub with her but it could have been hiding in the trees behind our neighbor’s yard.  We retreated and she decided to go in the opposite direction.  Good choice.  She must have gone back into the woods because my buddy walked down the road to see what this bear was going to do and did not see her.  

It was very cloudy and breezy here yesterday before the rains finally came last night.  I wondered if the bears were out in the heat of the day because of the pending weather and because it must have been so dark in the woods which would have made it seem like dusk was approaching long before it actually did.

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8 Responses to Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

  1. pollyann says:

    A good picture of one of “our” bears made it into the local paper. The bear was in someone’s tomato garden down the road a ways.

  2. pollyann says:

    I’ve used bear frequency before. Yes, bears are not supposed to have much visual acuity and rely more on other senses but you know, it just makes me think they see energy shapes more clearly than physical shapes.

    When the bear looked our way the other evening, he looked nearsighted.

  3. Mary says:

    Also interesting that the Royal Guard in Britian wear bear fur as hats.

  4. Mary says:

    Oh yes! But be careful with it as it is very powerful tends to be “blind”.(From experience)This reminds me I want to look up what a bears vision is like.

  5. pollyann says:

    What do I feel about bears? Respect, awe. Bear frequency. That would be a good energy for self-protection if needed, yes?

  6. Mary says:

    It’s a good idea to cautious now as you know there is a sow and cubs. This is what I was concerned about. I used to have dreams like this only there were alot more bears than cubs and I lived right smack dab in the middle of the woods.(in my dream)Sorry about you close up wildlife movie loss.:-(

  7. pollyann says:

    Now when I go outside I repeatedly scan the area even more than usual. I can’t say I want to turn around one moment and be staring into the face of a large bear. Lol!

    If any of these bears try to take down the porch feeders during the day we will have to stop feeding the birds until fall. Our non-stop, live, close-up wildlife movie out the kitchen window will come to an abrupt halt.

    Yesterday I accidentally roused a yellow-jacket nest on the other porch which I did not know was there and did I ever freak! Lol! No doubt I was a comical sight. The dog hid under the coffee table when I came flying into the house, madly waving my arms and brushing off my clothes and body. I didn’t get stung though! The nest is in a wicker plant stand filled with fake flowers. I moved it so I could sweep under it. It’s a good thing Ms. D. did not try to spray paint it yet as she meant to because she may have been badly stung.

  8. Mary says:

    Strange behavior by bears and other critters out west is being attributed ,on MSN, to the heat and drought.

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