Terminal Boredom

I am considering deleting this weblog.  I am really quite bored with the Internet and the churning of the world.  I incarnated with the energy to write so this was one way to use that energy and the talented guys at Word Press provided me (and hundreds of thousands of other people) with a free venue to do so.  I had a lot of fun sometimes, especially when Comet McNaught came through.  That was a humorous blast! 

A lot of people I don’t know have checked my weblog for one reason or another via search engines in the last year and who knows if most found anything of interest or not.  They didn’t bother to let me know.  I may wait out my spell of boredom a bit longer, I’ve been through stretches of boredom before and will likely have them again.  I tend to feel bored easily with the ways of this world.  It’s a grind of cycles within cycles within cycles which occur over and over again like clockwork and which influence our thoughts, moods, actions, experiences and interests.  There is nothing new under this sun of ours and there is nothing new about any of us!

Perhaps I should just spend most of my time gardening.  The problem with that is not having the kind of body which was meant to be doing physical labor for many hours every day.  I’m sore enough as it is already!  🙂  Well, we’ll see what turns up.  One never knows.

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8 Responses to Terminal Boredom

  1. pollyann says:

    Mary, right now you are in a very clear, energy flow running from out west to your east so your azure skies make sense. That clear stream, very visible in the following image loop has not reached me but is to my south.

    I tried to freeze the image so I could capture it and post it here but the software won’t let me stop the motion even though the control is there to do so. Needless to say the image loop will be updating continuously and you won’t see what I am seeing right now unless you read this post very soon.


  2. Mary says:

    Hey guys 🙂 ,
    I saw a couple of Monarch butterflies yesterday but not the numbers I used to see.
    The sky has been a beautiful clear azure blue so I can’t complain there. Also a few sylphs have made a visit.

  3. pollyann says:

    Janet, I, too, wrote about the lack of all sorts of insects here this year. There is a huge difference from last year’s numbers and variety. I never did see a migrating monarch butterfly even though there are reports of monarchs having overwintered in Mexico quite successfully by a group who monitors the populations there and in the states during their migrating and breeding seasons. I have been seeing more smaller butterflies lately than I was earlier in the season.

    Our female bluebird is on her second clutch of eggs so if there were not enough insects for the family I doubt she would have renested.

    My favorite piece of info is that bird song makes plants grow better because the frequency opens the stomata on leaves. The dawn chorus used to be phenomenal. No symphony can duplicate the emotional response to hearing that chorus.

    The blue sky is a more washed out color here as well.

  4. It is hot here, more so I think because there have been no chemtrails for several days. It is nice to see the sky again however the blue is not quite the blue it used to be. Also in my lovely hardy perennial garden there are very few insects despite the fact that it is pesticide free or meant to be.At this time of years the garden should be humming with butterflies beetles dragonflies etc. Yesterday a lone bee flew up to me and buzzed by. The birds are very quiet too. Very strange.

  5. pollyann says:

    Thanks, Janet, from Nebraska. It’s nice to know you are a regular. I was thinking about how during other Mercury retrogrades I felt completely bored with the Internet and the communication energy slowed way down for me, anyway. Cycles, cycles, cycles!

    (Funny, I went up the hill to do something for my buddy’s sister in between writing this and when I arrived at the top of the hill in her yard, what is the first thing I see? A bicycle! Lol!)

    I thought I might impulsively delete my weblog out of terminal boredom but then most who do read it would not know the why of it so I decided to post my thoughts just in case I did it. I am one voice out of millions and millions on the Internet weblog scene. Even if I don’t write much anymore I may leave it for people using web searches, just for the heck of it.

    So many are talking about the same issues and I don’t even go into a lot of stuff deeply here because it is being done elsewhere. There’s nothing new under our sun! More cycles, cycles, cycles! Lol!

    Thanks, though, Janet, for your encouragement and support. I really appreciate it. What’s happening in Nebraska?

  6. Dear Polly, I for one would be really sorry to lose your weblog! I read it every day and I find it interesting and thought provoking. I have it on my favorites list. Maybe I should comment more often but most times I totally agree with you and we seem pretty much to be on the same wavelength and who wants to sound like an echo?.You of course need to do what feels best for you but if it works as a catharsis for you it might be good to keep it up? By the way I live in Nebraska! Have a good 4th, Jan.

  7. pollyann says:

    Those words sound nice and all and I remember that book but… I don’t believe them for a second! Lol!

  8. Mary says:

    For some reason this last entry brings to mind a couple of quotes from the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.
    ” There is never nothing going on.”
    “There are no ordinary moments.”

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