Mom and Spiders Dream

My mom, who is deceased, was dying all over again in a dream this morning.  She was very ill.  There were lots of spiders in this dream as well.  We were at her house.  She and I kept finding spiders and we killed them.  There was a whole bunch of them in one corner and there was a large spider eating the smaller spiders.  There were even spiders in her purse.  Then my mother had to leave to go to the hospital to die and I was left with the job of killing the rest of the spiders.  I woke up crying about my mom passing.

From the Edgar Cayce Readings Dream Dictionary:

Spider menacing-warning about a threat from certain other people who would attempt to take things from the dreamer (i.e., perhaps, in the sense of being caught in their web) (2671-.5). Other possibilities: entrapping, smothering behavior (often but not always associated with a mother or other feminine figure).

Edgar Cayce Dream Dictionary:


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2 Responses to Mom and Spiders Dream

  1. pollyann says:

    Thanks for the comments, Anon.

    I felt relief when I awakened — relief that so many spiders were killed and relief in the shedding of tears over my Mom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In a weakened state due to your grief beware of webs of deceit that others may present you?

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