Magic in the Skies – Irridescent Clouds

This is a very interesting website if you like “unusual” clouds.

The above link came from

Space Weather has some pictures today of irridescent clouds taken June 18th in Missouri at the Heart of America Star Party.

In a time not so long ago the appearance of the skies I witnessed was more predictable.  Is that a good way to describe it?

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4 Responses to Magic in the Skies – Irridescent Clouds

  1. pollyann says:

    I am sure there are scads of people who can identify with feelings of malaise. I think we are under a lot of stress trying to adapt to all that is going on. One way to detox is to take sea salt baths.

    It is interesting to imagine how Blue Beam actually might manifest and you are right, it is fascinating. These planned events never seem to materialize quite how I imagine they will. Will people around me freak? Will I start laughing?

    My opinion is that the crop circles are not benign. I wish they were.

    A recent crop circle looked to me somewhat like the logo AT&T uses and I wondered if it was an ad being downloaded into people’s subconscious minds to buy AT&T services. Lol!!! Even if we don’t see the crop circles posted on the Internet I still think we are being influenced by them as with zillions of other influences.

  2. I used to have trouble sleeping, heart rhythm disturbances etc but now it is more of a malaise, little appetite without weight loss and a feeling that there is literally something in the air. Of course this could be due to all kinds of things but something is definitely not right. The Blue Beam project is absolutely fascinating. It should be most interesting when it starts manifesting!!!! Do you think the latter has anything to do with the crop circles,see crop circle connector on the web? I would prefer to think that they are coming from a more benign if unearthly source.

  3. pollyann says:

    Janet, it seems that the combination of electromagnetic technology; known, somewhat secret and more secret; interacting with the substances released in the skies and injected into everything we consume and use really has an affect.

    What are your symptoms?

    I feel that the increasing and directed electromagnetic energy in, on and above the earth is producing some of these vivid scenes in the skies. It’s almost like there is a project concerned with bringing the electromagnetic frequency around earth to a certain “pitch.” This could have to do with the Blue Beam Project as well as something else someone is trying to attain. I sense that some event can only happen if the electromagnetic pitch is at a certain frequency.

  4. It is a very good way to describe it Polly! Last night I took my husband out to see the clouds that looked magnetized! I did not feel at all well then and the symptoms have persisted despite the fact that the clouds look more normal today. I have run into several folks today and all of them feel the same. Any clues as to why this is? You seem very insightful in regards such matters!

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