Sacramento Whale Distress

Now I am becoming irate.  What did they shoot into the mother whale when they took a sample yesterday from her?  It is reported that she has been thrashing about today.  This is not a good sign nor do I trust the so-called experts one bit.  I’m hoping the two whales make a run for it tonight and elude the human predators before the damn human predators kill them. 


5-23-07   I am being unfair in that asssessment and I should not generalize about all of those “experts” who are trying to help but how many times has human interference made things worse than it would have been?  I still do not trust the intent of everyone involved. 

We all share a consciousness on this planet, every living being, like it or not and believe it or not, so why does it seem there is such ignorance sometimes concerning our understanding of other beings? 

At least, let there be great learning out of this event with Delta and Dawn for they may perish and if they do, they brought much attention to the state of health of the Sacramento River and the shipping channel to the Port of Sacramento.  And perhaps they even interfered with something going on behind the scenes.  Aren’t our ports vulnerable?

Here is the list of my previous posts about the whales in chronological order if you haven’t read them and are interested:

A white van with darkened windows sits in view of the whale.  (For those in the know, we know what white vans with dark windows mean.)

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3 Responses to Sacramento Whale Distress

  1. Mary says:

    lol! Tree Hugging Hippie ! lol!

  2. pollyann says:

    Greetings, Obsidian!

    No one has ever referred to me as a tree-hugging hippie before! LOL! That’s pretty funny! And no one has addressed me as “sir” either. 🙂 No one has called me a terrorist so that is a new one as well. I’m not a vegetarian though I have never eaten whale meat and will not likely start anytime soon. I don’t think I could do it unless I was actually starving to death.

    I don’t recall bitching about a whale until it was set free and then it starved to death. That’s not my way. I see a purpose in having some cetaceans in captivity but I do not like the military using cetaceans or using sonar under the sea. That may be why the whales were sliced open in the first place — military sonar confused their navigational abilities and they swam right under a propeller. You did read about the sliced in half blue whale which washed up in the San Francisco Bay recently, didn’t you?

    You and I agree on two things according to what you wrote. We both love whales and the whales will likely die.

    Obsidian, we live in a world where things aren’t always as they seem on the surface and when one digs deeper one consistently finds disturbing realities. Unfortunately this is all too true! I wish it wasn’t!

    If you had read all of my posts here on these whales you would know that I think the whales initially went up the Sacramento River for protection because of their wounds — mainly because the mother was protecting her calf from predators.

    You would also know I think there is something going on underwater at the Rio Vista Bridge which deterred them from passing under it when they began moving south from the turn around basin.

    I do not trust all “experts” and have very good reasons for my suspicions. I wrote that many want to help the whales but I do not trust the intent of all.

    My understanding is that whales can survive fresh water for longer than Delta and Dawn have been in it so far. I don’t think their death will be from fresh water exposure but I do feel they will not survive much longer.

    I don’t see how I am degrading them. I am not one of the many complaining about the money being spent on them. Read all of my posts on this subject before you draw conclusions about my stance on this matter. They are listed here under Wildlife Stories and In the News.

    Maybe I should change the name of my weblog to Tree-Hugging Hippie. I kinda like it. 😉

    Good day to you, Obsidian. 😀 You have amused me as well. Gasp! Another thing we have in common!

  3. Obsidian says:

    You amuse me, you really do. Do you think that your little tree-hugger bitching will make any of this better? My God, you sound like some fag that works at a Vegan bar. “ELUDE THESE NASTY LITTLE PREDATORS.”

    The tagged the mother with a tracking device in case they got LOST. They are dying because of the fresh water, and the samples that were taken are to HELP THEM.

    Hell, they might just die and wash ashore because of the fresh water itself. Whales are mysterious creatures and there could be many reasons that they found their way into the Delta.

    And you know what? Once they die and wash ashore, they are going to blow their carcasses to little tiny whale bits.

    I love my whales, I really do. But it’s tree-hugging hippies like you that make me wanna puke. I can name plenty of times that people like you have bitched until some whale was set free, and then they starved to death. Or some other form of death was caused because you assholes got your way.

    They are trying to help, and you’re degrading them. Good job. You’re a terrorist now.

    😀 Good day, sir.

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