The Whales Are Heading Out!

This is amazing news.  The humpback whales began swimming south this Sunday afternoon.  Wow!  I feel so proud of them!  Lol!  I hope they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

At 5 PM the two whales were about six miles south of the ship turn around area at the Port of Sacramento and were continuing southward.  By 10 Pm they were about 20 miles downstream.

5-21-07  They turned around and slowly started heading back up the channel early this morning.  That report was made at 6:45 AM their time.  I am waiting for more information to be posted at the Sacramento Bee website.

Recent reports suggest they are taking their sweet time which is A-okay with me.  They are circling the boats which are trying to guide them south.  They should be allowed to make their way back to the Pacific in an unhurried, unstressed manner.

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