Offering for the Red Fox

The red fox was here again yesterday trying to catch a squirrel.  I did not see him but he danced around the big spruce, trying to grab one of the squirrels running up the trunk.  Sooner or later, the red fox will be successful.  I don’t know if this is a male or female or if both have been here.  They appear and disappear so quickly there is not time to figure this out.

My buddy took a ride down the road last evening to pick up a fairly fresh oppossum roadkill and brought it back here to put in the woods behind us for the red fox.  If the coyotes, crows or Turkey Vultures don’t find it first, maybe the red fox will have an easy meal for his or her pups.

Oops!  The red fox just came through again, running under the big spruce, across the front lawn and then across the road in front of a car.  I heard a bird making an alarm call so I went to the window to look out and there was the fox.  This one was not as red as the first one I saw so it could be male and female I have seen.

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4 Responses to Offering for the Red Fox

  1. pollyann says:

    Interesting story, Mary. If I ever hear that screech I will let you know. Paul thinks he knows where the den might be.

  2. Mary says:

    I hadn’t either until a few nights ago. And I ‘ve been around fox alot. Anyway I was closing up tp go to bed and went outside for a last peek at the night. Suddenly I heard this very loud schreeching ,crying ,wailing noise. I thought perhaps it was an injured goose as it seemed to be circling the back field @ 7 acres pretty swiftly. Then I thoght well maybe it’s an injured coyote as it seemed to favor the area between the barns.All the while making this cying noise . I became concerned about the barn cats so I got a large shovel and a flashlight to shoo away whatever it was. I was making loud noises and banging on the shovel to warn it as I was going through the gates . Then a seemingly disembodied voice said” Fox claiming their territory sure make a weird noise don’t they?”lol!! It was my neighbor’s son . I couldn’t see him nor could he see me but he could hear me trying to protect my own territory.So here we were having this little nature lesson in the pitch dark not being able to see one another because of a thick stand of evergreens and an acre or so of yard.He is a zoologist who was working for the Santa Barbara Zoo in Calif. until early this year. I don’t what happened but he and his wife are now living with his parents next door. He said that she probably has kits and is telling others to stay away as this is her place. He thought she liked the area between the barns as it amplified her cry.According to him it’s a good sign that there aren’t many coyotes about as fox are coyotes dinner. I’ve seen her early in the morning and she is beautiful. She is a red fox.

  3. pollyann says:

    I don’t think I have.

  4. Mary says:

    Have you ever heard a fox claiming a nd protecting it’s area? OMG:-)

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