Sacramento Whales in the News

I am hoping the ongoing story of these humpback whales near the Port of Sacramento has a happy ending.  What is that yellow wrapping about the female’s head?  What did she get herself into?  If I read any upcoming bad news about these whales, I am going to be mighty irate!  I have no patience for anyone mistreating these beings in the guise of “helping” them.

Sigh.  Oh, crap!  They are hurt.  I hurt.  The yellow stuff is blubber from being cut.  I feel such a strong bond to whales and feel we need many of them on this planet with us.

Biologists plan to play humpback sounds underwater to guide the whales back out to sea when the tide goes out.  I hope they are successful.

Whale tunes are being played for the humpback whales.  They are saying it could take weeks for the whales to return to the Pacific where the salt water will most likely heal their wounds.  Hundreds are lining the shipping channel to watch the whales.  How can anyone resist them?  🙂  And how ironic that my buddy brought home an aged, copper whale weathervane today.  🙂  It’s in the garden now.

Playing whale tunes as a ploy to draw the whales back towards the sea needs fine tuning if it will work at all.  Can someone communicate telepathically with the whales and ask them what they need and what is keeping them in the channel?  The impression I received when I tuned in was the female took her calf up the river for protection from predators after they were injured.  Is there any orgonite in that river and shipping channel?

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  1. Lesley Dewar says:

    Have Australians Stopped Killing Whales? What do you think?

    Please complete our poll on Whaling, too.

    Thanks Lesley

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