Where Are My Hummingbirds?

During the last week of April, around the 26th, I put out a hummingbird feeder.  I expected to see a hummingbird within the hour because of my long time experience feeding birds.  Here it is May 8th and I have yet to see one.  The feeder hangs in front of the kitchen window so someone would have noticed any hummingbirds using the feeder.  They feed every 15 minutes.  This worries me because it may mean any hummingbirds from last year which would be in this area by now perished at some point.

On Saturday, May 5th, I put an orange half out on the porch for the orioles and it took ten minutes for two male Baltimore Orioles to show up.  They came from across the street.

More migrant birds, neo-tropical warblers and such, should be coming in this week but the high pressure system centered over my area is deterring them.  They like to ride the tail of spring storm systems from the southwest.

Interesting for me was a Pine Warbler, an early migrant in April, feeding from one of the suet feeders during the prolonged cool spell we just had.  I can’t say I’ve seen one on a suet feeder before.

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