Spring Has Sprung Without Me

I’m just not very interested in spring this year.  Maybe by the time it is over I will find interest and it will be too late by then.  If I plant anything I am not doing it until the next new moon.  I will be looking for butterfly weed and a few other plants when we hit this farm in town which has greenhouses and a huge variety of flowers.  The place is mobbed daily while they are open for two months only, selling plants.  Their farmland is stunningly picturesque and there are lots of barn swallows swooping around the property. 

Butterfly weed likes sandy soil and we have plenty of that.  I dug out a spot for them near the back side of the horse barn which receives full sun.  I might buy another Butterfly Bush as well.  One can never have enough butterflies in the yard if you ask me.  My buddy has been hauling cow poo compost here from his friend’s farm down the road so that will be going in the vegetable garden.  It’s a good thing he is interested in spring this year and enjoys the yearly routine. 

Today we went to Hatfield, a small, beautiful, old New England town north of here, to buy asparagas and strawberry plants from a place which ships all over.  The packers were quite busy boxing up plants.  It’s a really nice ride up there and would be a lovely place to live.  We passed by some mountains called the Seven Sisters on the Interstate.  Hmm.

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